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    Changing My Life Has Now Contributed to a Better Life for Me

    The day that my doctor told me that I only had 6 months to live was the scariest day of my life. However, I have proved him wrong and I no longer have cancer, which is what he said would take me out of this world. I had the help of Marlton medical marijuana dispensaries in the area that provided me the marijuana that my doctor prescribed to me, and I really do believe that it was instrumental in helping me to remain positive enough to get through my ordeal. My doctors now think that I will be on this earth for many more years to come. I hope they are right.

    I wish that I could say that I took care of myself throughout my adult life. My parents were never really good about taking care of their own health, and we ate a lot of junk food when I was growing up. My family was never into working out either. Each of us were couch potatoes who preferred to stay at home at night and on weekends to watch TV or eat really fattening meals.