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    Back No Longer in Pain on Vacation

    Traveling long distances with an achy back can really do a number on my comfort. Especially if the trip is hours long and it’s with friends who don’t have any back issues. One thing that I do know is that there may be complications in comfort, but the San Rafael chiropractors are some of the best in the business.

    A few summers ago, my friend had graduated from college and another one had gotten engaged. As a group of friends, we had a lot to celebrate! We had planned to do a friends vacation to a place that we all agreed would be perfect and that was in San Rafael, California. We all decided on that location because my friend that wanted to get married was wanting to check it out on her own to see if it would be a perfect place to bring up to get married at. When our plans were finalized and that was in fact where we were heading, we booked a hotel and decided to road trip style this vacation with a long car ride.

    The car ride was about 10 hours from where we were to San Rafael. As someone with some back issues, I wasn’t exactly having the road trip of my life.

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    Getting Relief for Lower Back Pain

    I must have went up and down those steps a couple of thousand times or more every year. The steps leading up to our front porch are steep. There are only four of them, but the risers are high. You can feel it in your legs if you go up them carrying something heavy. I was carrying a five-gallon bucket of paint to paint the living room and dining room. When I hauled that bucket up those steps, I felt something in my back that was not right. I went to my Santa Rosa chiropractor the next day. When I woke up the next morning I hurt in my lower back. I think I might have pulled something or knocked my back out of alignment carrying that five-gallon bucket.

    I had burning and pain in my lower back. I could tell that it was nerve irritation or a pulled muscle. I do not like injuries.