Back No Longer in Pain on Vacation

Back No Longer in Pain on Vacation

Traveling long distances with an achy back can really do a number on my comfort. Especially if the trip is hours long and it’s with friends who don’t have any back issues. One thing that I do know is that there may be complications in comfort, but the San Rafael chiropractors are some of the best in the business.

A few summers ago, my friend had graduated from college and another one had gotten engaged. As a group of friends, we had a lot to celebrate! We had planned to do a friends vacation to a place that we all agreed would be perfect and that was in San Rafael, California. We all decided on that location because my friend that wanted to get married was wanting to check it out on her own to see if it would be a perfect place to bring up to get married at. When our plans were finalized and that was in fact where we were heading, we booked a hotel and decided to road trip style this vacation with a long car ride.

The car ride was about 10 hours from where we were to San Rafael. As someone with some back issues, I wasn’t exactly having the road trip of my life. We did stop numerous times to take photos and to rest. I would get up and walk around but that only really hurt my pains more. By the time we were half way there, I told my friends that when we get to the hotel the first thing I was going to do was call up a chiropractor there to get my back looked at.

When we got to San Rafael, I did exactly as I said and called around to find a few San Rafael chiropractors. One had shining reviews and took new patients so I called as soon as I could. He had an opening that evening and I knew my back wasn’t going to get any better so I decided to go ahead and go in. The inside was wonderfully decorated and I felt at ease being there. I was seen and I explained that I have some issues with my back and me and my friends have been traveling and my back isn’t doing too good. The chiropractor laid me down on the mat and started working into my back asking if it felt better or worse. The guy had a magic touch and I almost immediately felt relief! An hour later, my back was worked out and even some stress in my legs were worked out as well.

When I was leaving, I got the card of the chiropractor in case I had any more issues. Thankfully, I didn’t! I went back to the hotel and busted in the door all cheerful and asked who was ready for a night on the town! The rest of the trip was amazing and no issues what so ever. I am happy that I was able to find a chiropractor in California that was that good!



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