Getting Relief for Lower Back Pain

Getting Relief for Lower Back Pain

I must have went up and down those steps a couple of thousand times or more every year. The steps leading up to our front porch are steep. There are only four of them, but the risers are high. You can feel it in your legs if you go up them carrying something heavy. I was carrying a five-gallon bucket of paint to paint the living room and dining room. When I hauled that bucket up those steps, I felt something in my back that was not right. I went to my Santa Rosa chiropractor the next day. When I woke up the next morning I hurt in my lower back. I think I might have pulled something or knocked my back out of alignment carrying that five-gallon bucket.

I had burning and pain in my lower back. I could tell that it was nerve irritation or a pulled muscle. I do not like injuries. Not even ones like this that should resolve on their own in a few days. However, this was was not getting better. The chiropractor told me to come back for another visit after the initial adjustment gave me some relief. I was feeling a bit better, so I did not go back. I wish that I had followed the doctor’s advice as the pain did come back. I needed to finish my therapy to rebuild the muscles and get therapy to ease the pain in my lower back.

In hindsight, I wish that I had not skipped a visit. I would have been so much farther ahead in my recovery if I would have just listened. The initial relief that the spinal manipulation gave me was not enough. I needed to keep at this until the nerve was healed up. I went back to my Santa Rosa chiropractor and finished my prescribed treatment plan.



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