Health Benefits of Organic Eggs

Health Benefits of Organic Eggs

Eggs are a popular ingredient to cook with.  They can be eaten on their own in many different styles of cooking, and they can be used as an ingredient in many dishes, both savory and sweet.  With so much versatility, is there any special reason why we should eat organic eggs?

Eggs are an excellent source of protein.  We are all aware of the importance of having the ideal levels of protein in our system.  It is a great addition to anyone’s diet and it is recommended that eggs should be consumed frequently.  Organic eggs come in many different shapes and sizes.   They often have a richer yolk because the chickens that they come from have plenty of space to run around, and they feed from good quality grain.  Non-organic eggs tend to be far more uniform in shape.  They are usually all the same color as each other, and the yolks are pale yellow, rather than the rich deep yellow that organic eggs are.

There are more nutrients in organic eggs.  They have more vitamins, are far higher in essential omega 3 fatty acids and by eating organic eggs, it is predicted that you will be consuming about double the nutritional value of a commercially farmed egg.

Some people believe that because eggs are so high in protein, that they cause high cholesterol levels.  This is true to an extent, however, organic eggs contain less fat than commercial eggs, as the hens are allowed to roam around and be healthier, and this results in lower cholesterol for the consumer.

The chickens that are raised commercially are not only kept in smaller spaces to encourage them to gain weight more quickly, but they are also fed substandard grain.  The organic hens are fed an organic feed, but the grain that has been grown for the commercial hens has been treated with the usual toxic chemicals.  This means that organic eggs also contain fewer toxins than commercial eggs.



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