Hope Appeared on the Horizon for Me After I Thought All Hope Was Lost

Hope Appeared on the Horizon for Me After I Thought All Hope Was Lost

I had been feeling like I was out of options due to the ongoing back pain that I was dealing with, when a friend asked me if I had gone to see a Valley Village chiropractor yet. I told her that I as embarrassed to admit that it had not even occurred to me to go see one. I asked her if she had any experience with going to one, and she said that she did and it was one of the best things she could do for herself after not having any luck at her usual doctor’s office. I had been feeling very hopeless about my situation for quite some time, and it was wonderful to learn that there might be some hope for me.

I was not quite sure why I was having pain for so long. I couldn’t think of anything that I had done to cause it. I work out, but I do gentle exercises. I had not lifted anything heavy in years. I always do my best to sit up straight and maintain good posture. I am not overweight. I didn’t sleep in an awkward position and wake up in pain. I have a really expensive mattress that offers me a lot of back support. I even took the time to sit down one day so that I could think about whether I just wasn’t thinking carefully enough and had forgotten that I did something to cause the pain that plagued me. There was nothing that I could think of that could be the cause of my chronic pain.

Having never been to a chiropractor before, I asked my friend for the contact info for the one she goes to so that I could make an appointment. During my appointment, I explained that I was worried that I was headed toward needing surgery. In return, I was told that surgery should be a last option and that I probably would not need it. That really made me feel better, and I walked out of there feeling far less pain after my very first treatment that day.



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