I Just Started a New Job

I Just Started a New Job

My uncle was the one who told me about this job, although I am not really sure how long it is going to last. He has been having back issues for years and every now and then he has to go to a Sacramento chiropractic clinic to get an adjustment. At any rate we all got together for a birthday party last weekend and he told me that the receptionist there was pregnant and almost ready to pop. He knew where my resume was and he had given it to the office manager without asking anyone. At any rate they called me up and told me to come in and get started. So I came in and I got a really cold start to the job, not knowing a single thing about how this stuff works. Of course I answer the phones and people want me to answer their questions.

It is a pretty good job and obviously I want to keep it. The thought is that the other girl may or may not come back. If you look at what it costs to have a child taken care of, then you have to have a really good job to make it sensible not to do it yourself. I know a couple of girls who had babies and then took care of another kid. You can charge about a hundred and fifty dollars a week for that easily, since that is what it costs to have the job done. If you take care of two kids and your own, then it really makes a ton of sense to do that. If you are a new mother, then you are not going to be in a big hurry to go back to your job. So I may get to keep this job for a long time.



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