Just Got Settled in Fremont

Just Got Settled in Fremont

We have been here a couple of weeks. I came ahead though and I have been here a few weeks longer. Louise stayed back in Fullerton waiting for the school year to end and staying with her Mom. Of course we had no real choice about moving. Louise had no trouble getting a teach job here in Fremont and it was either accept the transfer or find a new job for me. The company gave me a raise and helped with the moving expenses, it’s clear that I was wanted. I had to find a dentist in Tracy. In fact it is not too surprising, but you eat peanut brittle a lot of times and never have any problems. I love the stuff and I probably eat some of it about once or twice every month. It is not like it is a really bad habit or anything, but I like the stuff and I eat it occasionally.

You have to know that there is a danger to this, because the stuff is pretty obviously hard and biting into it is something that is a calculated risk. So long as all of your teeth are good and solid they should be tough enough to take it, but in this case I had a wisdom tooth that must have been rotten. It broke off pretty good and I spat it out. It was not so bad for a couple of days, but I knew it was a matter of time before the nerve got to hurting me. Sure enough about a week later I drank something cold and it almost made me jump out of my chair at work. I knew it was time to find a dentist and I asked around the office until someone told me that they liked theirs.



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