Organic Food Diet – Lose Weight and Gain Health!

Organic Food Diet – Lose Weight and Gain Health!

The organic food diet is simple but it requires action and dedication.

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Or how about lack of energy, irritable bowel, stomach cramps, bladder or kidney infections or a “foggy” head?

These are just a few of the signs of chemical overload.

Eating an organic food diet will improve your health by eliminating the toxins that have built up in your body!

Unfortunately our beloved country has gone down the wrong path when it comes to our food supply. Instead of trusting nature we have trusted man to provide us with nutritional food.

Man uses pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous chemicals to grow and manufacture foods quickly, cheaply, and to look pretty.

Big mistake!

Nature has been doing fine for humans and animals since the beginning of time, who are we to think we can do better?

It’s time to stand up and let our government know we are not lab experiments, we demand our food supply be safe and healthy!

What makes our government take notice? Money. How we spend our hard earned dollars.

I dare you to take the organic food diet challenge and send your message loud and clear.

Eat organic food, use organic products, get rid of toxins, add some green suggestions, improve your health and let our government know we demand better from them.

Keep a journal, take pictures of your organic fridge or pantry, log your health improvements, save your receipts, anything to prove your challenge.

Let me know your progress and results in the comments below.

You will benefit not only your health and weight, but your mind, your planet, and this community!

So are you up to the challenge?



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