The Need For Organic Food Products

The Need For Organic Food Products

Organic food products are believed by many people to be healthier and better to be used in our everyday diets. The term “organic” has the connotation that food produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other additives is safer and healthier. The organic farming process uses no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Also the processing of the food does not utilize any industrial solvents, irradiation or any chemical food additives.

In order to be labeled organic the growing process must be an all-natural process. The production of organic food requires specific certification that says the food is produced in a way that lines up with organic standards as stated by a government authority.

Other definitions of organic food products would include items such as no antibiotics or added growth hormones in livestock, no engineered seeds (GMO), chemical pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides and no synthetic preservatives.

If attempting to investigate the value of organic foods information will appear that states that the result is not clear as to whether or not organic foods are better for you than foods that are GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) with extra hormones, pesticides, chemicals you can’t pronounce, extra antibiotics and a host of other ingredients too numerous to mention. It doesn’t make much sense to eat food that if full of stuff like that especially food additives that have been proven to cause cancer in rats.

It is no secret that the nutrition that we get from processed food is extremely lacking in nutrition compared to similar food grown 25 to 30 years ago. We live in a society where over 65% of our population is chronically sick most of the time and on various medications that alleviate symptoms.

The use of pesticides and herbicides on our crops has not done our population any favors. The residue of these chemicals has not only affected the food supply but it is resident in about everything that grows. The chemical residue in our water supply is another frightening fact.

The great experiment of the GMO change in our food production has had very harmful effects. While the intent may have seemed noble, the results have been anything but that. The gene splicing and attempts to build a hardier wheat plant has resulted in a very hardy plant with only a fraction of the former nutritional value.

No wonder people are craving organic food products. To get food that is devoid of chemicals, hormones, pesticides and all that other stuff is a good choice. Beef and poultry production is so chemical and hormone laden that comparing production animals to organic animals is readily apparent that something is very different. The production animals are “bulked up” due to the hormones and the organic animals are normal size, which compared to the production animals, look puny.

But the “puny” animals are where the nutrition is and that is what we want to have. We want the organic food products. The same idea applies the crops. We want the crops that have the nutrition and not the other. So does everybody else.



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