The Top 12 Cancer Fighting Superfoods

The Top 12 Cancer Fighting Superfoods

Natural cancer cures start with eating all organic food, including the following cruciferous vegetables that will give you the double punch to rid yourself of this frightening disease.

The name “cruciferous” comes from the fact that these vegetables all have flowers with four petals that botanical historians described as resembling the crucifix.

Natural cancer cures have been around for a long time. There are many different organic, natural cancer cures that doctors won’t tell you about, you must do the research yourself.

Try and eat at least one cup of the following organic vegetables raw a day and eat two cups slightly steamed.

The Top Twelve Superfoods

Organic Broccoli: Fights colon, esophagus, larynx, lung, prostrate, oral, pharynx, and stomach cancer. It contains carotenoids (vitamin A), which block cell mutations, the foreshadow of cancer.

Organic Brussels Sprouts: Inhibit cancer, particularly cancer of the colon and stomach. The chlorophyll and indoles (to name a few), found in brussels sprouts, work to detoxify the body of cancer causing poisons.

Organic Cabbage: Kills bacteria and viruses, prevents cancer, heals and prevents ulcers, and stimulates the immune system! Magnificent!

The above benefits are best absorbed from raw cabbage, consider juicing which is a great way to combine your raw veggies into a power packed drink.

Organic Cauliflower: Reduces risk of cancer, especially GI cancers. Cauliflower is high in essential sulphur compounds and is rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Organic Horseradish: Excellent for asthma, bronchitis, lung disorders, lymphatic congestion, and a digestive stimulant.

Organic Kale: This is one of the most under rated of the leafy greens.

It has the most carotenoids (powerful anti cancer agents), of any of the leafy greens.

It is packed with easily assimilated calcium, making it a wonderful food to include for arthritis, osteoporosis and bone loss disorders.

Organic Kohlrabi: Great as an indigestion remedy, jaundice, diabetes, the lymph system, and alcoholism. Cancers include colon, rectal, stomach, and oral.

Your organic food health rests upon incorporating as many of these veggies, and other organic fruits and vegetables, as you can into your organic food diet. Variety is the spice of life and health!

The healing powers of these natural cancer cures go way beyond cancer. Researchers have discovered that the anti oxidants, like beta carotene, found in fruits and vegetables, retard oxidation of the eye lens. Oxidation is the primary cause of age related cataracts.

Organic Mustard Greens: Should be included in any optimal diet. It beats spinach because of the lower oxalic acid content, so the benefit of the calcium content is not lost. Benefits gastrointestinal, esophageal, and throat cancers.

Organic Radish: Stimulates the appetite, good for colds and flu, and cleanses the gall bladder and liver. Has been used for headaches, mucus removal and heal laryngitis.

Organic Rutabaga: Helps to alkalize the body and has anti cancer qualities. The roots are deeply connected with the earth where they soak up all the rich nutrients.

People with kidney problems should avoid rutabagas.

Organic Turnip: High amounts of anti oxidants, calcium, iron and niacin. As a cruciferous vegetable they contain cancer fighting compounds.

Try shredding raw turnips into salads. The tops can be lightly steamed and added to soup or stews.

Organic Watercress: Works for anemia, calcium deficiencies, blood purification, liver and pancreas problems, appetite stimulation, thyroid problems, arthritis and emotional problems as well as cancer! Wow!

Natural organic food comes from mother earth, the infinite intelligence that created this world knew what it/she/he was doing.

Nature works in perfect harmony when left to it’s own accord.

Man keeps trying to improve on that. How can we possibly think we are smarter than the creator?



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