Slow Speed Accident Gave Me Back Pain

Slow Speed Accident Gave Me Back Pain

I was just getting on the highway when I got hit in the rear of my car. I saw the car coming, but it actually stopped. Then it was banged into and pushed into mine. I was surprised at how a slower speed collision could result in such a jolt. I had my headrest in the proper place, so my neck did not whip back over the seat. Still, I felt pain after the jolt. It was not bad at the time, and I suppose that was because of adrenaline. The next day I saw a chiropractor in Cumming GA because of the discomfort.

I really tightened up seeing that car almost hit me, then I must have begun to relax a bit when I actually got hit. I don’t know. The hit only pushed me forward a few feet, but it sure jostled me really hard in the car. I must have wrenched something in my neck or back. It was not comfortable. I did not go to the hospital until later, and they could not find anything seriously wrong. They told me I might have just strained some muscles. The chiropractor in Cumming GA helped me by manipulating my back into proper alignment. It took the pressure off of the nerves that was causing my pain.

Backs can be finicky. I have a friend who hurt his back reaching for a shoe. He was getting dressed and reached for his shoe. He stretched a bit into an awkward angle and felt something happen in his neck and shoulder area. He has a bad back from a very tough job he used to do. He was in pain for weeks just for reaching for a shoe! I have heard of people throwing their backs out just bending over to pick up something light. It happens.



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