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    Organic Health Secrets – What You Should Know About Organic Foods

    Organic foods taste better than the non-organic foods. This is because they are treated in a more hands-off way. By not treating animals and plants with toxic chemical products and putting a little more work in, organic farmers can produce great tasting products.

    You will notice that organic food will start to go bad far more quickly than non-organic food. This is because the food producers use preservative sprays on the fruits and vegetables before they are transported and meat is injected with preservatives and other chemicals to ensure that it is the ‘right’ color for the customer. Because people have become so used to buying bright red meat, they have actually become prejudice against meat that is fresher, which usually has a grey tinge to it. Vegetables and fruit that have been treated with preservatives can be dangerous if they are not washed properly. If you have ever bought a non-organic apple, you will notice that they are covered with a waxy layer. This layer is easily removed by washing it, and if you rub the apple you will notice it becomes shiny. This layer is actually a preservative that can be harmful if consumed in large quantities.

    Organic meat that is raised in a free range way can offer great benefits. The animals are able to roam around wherever they like and so they have the ability to develop muscles and graze on healthy grass. Non-organic animals do not have the same luxury. The non-organic animals are kept in small confined spaces so that they put on weight quickly. They are fed on substandard feed and are given chemical medication to help them to put on weight and muscle. The chemicals present in the non-organic animals can make you very ill. If you choose the organic meats, you have less chance of getting diseases that can be passed on through animals, and you will not be consuming the chemicals which can cause cancer and heart problems.

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    “Organic” Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Oprah, and more

    Organic celebrities help spread the word of organics and green living by being in the limelight.

    Julia Roberts showed off her composting skills, Gorgeously Green author Sophie Uliano gave some great green tips, actress Sandra Bullock, and the man with the plan Al Gore were all on hand to help spread the word of organic and green living.

    Oprah rallied the troops for Earth Day 2008 by inviting her celebrity friends on her show to share some of their organic and green tips. She is a great spokesperson for the organic movement. She is always out there spreading the word and has all the right connections to help even more. Not to mention she’s rolling in “green”.

    Organic celebrities spend big bucks to green up their lives. But this celebrity put in three organic nurseries! That’s right, three.

    Halle Berry spent $60,000 to green up all three baby rooms. Everything from sheets to stuffed animals made with organic cotton.

    It seems Halle is obsessed with organics. You go, organic girlfriend! Halle had baby girl, Nahla, on Sunday March 16, 2008 09:20 PM EDT. It is Berry’s first child, at 41 years old.

    May you and your family have continued organic good health, Halle!

    You don’t have to be Halle Berry to embrace organic living. Living a greener healthier life, for your family’s sake, is only a click away.

    Actress Soleil Moon Frye has an on-line organic baby store! You may remember Soleil from the T.V. shows “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” and “Punky Brewster”.

    Soleil has two organic babies and offers a nice selection of baby items including toys, clothing and bedding. You can check out Soleil’s The Little Seed community here.

    These celebrities are “organic”, what about you?

    I appreciate organic and green celebrities for their efforts in promoting green and organic living. Organic happenings all across the country get a lift from these inspirational and influential people.

    Some celebrities appear in person to promote a good cause, really giving a big boost to the necessary awareness campaign.