The Bat and the Back

The Bat and the Back

Every year there is a baseball game between the local high school students and their parents. The parents always try to win, but every year they get outclassed by the students. This year the parents had a secret weapon: me. I had been training all year by going to the batting cage to perfect my hit. During the big game, the score was tied in the final inning, and I hit a home run that gave us the win, but in the process I twisted my back. Rather than celebrating, I went to a chiropractor in San Jose to get rid of the pain my back.

The victory was a painful one, but it was one that I was glad to experience. I’d take a dozen more twisted backs to win a game. Well, maybe not that many, but I’ll still do it again next year. The chiropractor examined my back and told me that it would be fine if I stayed off it for a while and took some medication that he gave me. My son had to help me take care of some activities while he was at home. I needed help just to get down the stairs.

After my back healed, I went right back to hitting balls at the batting cage. My son went with me and we had a little competition. We decided that the winner would get a pizza from the loser. The goal was to hit as many balls as possible from the pitching machine. I hit 100 while my son hit 98. Even though I won, I decided that I would buy my son pizza because he had done such a good job on the baseball team and he did a great job in the game against us. He almost pitched a perfect game.



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