There is No Reason to Live in Pain Anymore

There is No Reason to Live in Pain Anymore

I watched my grandmother go through quite a bit of pain in her back when I was growing up. It grew worse over time, but she did not go get help for it even though we all asked her to. She continued to suffer, and we continued to beg her to do something about it. I always hoped I would not have those same problems one day, but now, in my 50s, I have found that I do have serious back pain. I found myself looking into getting herniated disc treatment after my doctor told me that is what I was suffering from.

My troubles seemed to have issues picking dishes up out of my dishwasher and lifting them up to put them away in the kitchen cabinets. I first thought had just strained my arm in some way because it just happened that I cleaned out my storage room the day before. I had been lifting, pulling and pushing large boxes with heavy items in them. So, I figured that the problem would go away in just a couple of days after my muscles had time to heal. 

I became more alarmed when I started having shoulder and arm pain. The muscle weakness in my arm did not go away either. The pain was growing worse, and I knew there was no way that it should take a month for my muscles to get better, too. Soon after, the pain traveled down my leg, and this meant it was time to get medical help.

My physician knew what the problem was immediately, and he explained that unless I wanted the rest of my life to be full of pain, I should do something. I told him about what my grandmother went through, and he nodded in agreement. So, I made an appointment to get help done because life should not be lived in misery.



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