How To Grow Your Own Organic Food

How To Grow Your Own Organic Food

It is a great idea to grow your own organic fruit and vegetables. You can be sure of here the food has come from and be assured that it us free from any pesticides or other chemicals which may cause you harm.
The first thing you should do when planning on growing you own organic food is think about where you will be growing it. Will you be growing your organic food in a warmer climate or will the plants be exposed to a colder or even freezing temperature? You should choose the plants that are most suitable for the temperature that you will be able to offer them. If you wish to grow plants that require a higher temperature, then you should invest in a green house if your garden will be too cold.

If you live in a drier area, then you should ensure that you have a good irrigation system in place. You can find low cost irrigation systems to keep your plants well watered, or if you have the time you can water the plants regularly yourself. If you will be using a larger area of land to plant your organic food, then you will probably need an irrigation system to ensure that no plants are left dry when you are watering them manually.

You should be sure to stick to the times of year when your plants should be sown and when they should be harvested. If you don’t harvest your plants in time, then they will over ripen which will result in them tasting horrible when you harvest them, or the fruit or vegetables could fall off the plant and rot, resulting in wastage. If you harvest them too early, then they will be under ripened. Eating fruit or vegetables that are under ripe can give the eater a bad stomach or even make them very ill.



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