Why I Love Organic Baby Clothing

Why I Love Organic Baby Clothing

Last year I was pregnant with my first baby, a girl, and I was very excited thinking about all the adorable dresses I could put her in. The thought of organic baby clothing never entered my mind until a friend of mine brought it up. The thought stuck, so I did some research because I was clueless on this particular topic. It turns out that organic baby clothing is a very smart choice, both for me and for the environment.

What I learned during my research is that organic clothing is farmed according to strict organic farming guidelines. This means no pesticides or herbicides are used on the cotton, silk, or wool, nor are any genetically modified seeds. Benefits of using organic clothing for my daughter include:

  • No pesticide residue that might remain on the material which can irritate skin or add chemicals to our landfills as the clothes and fabrics are discarded.
  • Neither farm workers nor animals are exposed to the harm caused by pesticides and herbicides.
  • Surface and ground waters used during the farming process are left clean and free of chemicals as they run off or soak into the ground.

At first I was worried that the fashion choices would be minimal at best when I started looking for clothing for my new daughter. It did not take long for my worry to be put to rest. It turns out there tons of adorable dresses and outfits made from organic cotton and other materials.

It has also been easy for me to find retailers who sell clothing made from organic fabrics. There are a few shops locally, but many more online that I regularly shop at.

I only want the best for my baby, and dressing her in organic clothing is the safest clothing option for her. Thanks to the variety, I have been able to find organic outfits for every occasion.



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Hi, love this post on organic baby clothes! I love how soft they are and how well they hold up after washing. I’m handling PR/marketing for a new baby organic clothing company (founded by a mom) and would love to share some info with you! E-mail me if you wouldn’t mind learning more!

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